Electric Driving Day Tramuntana

Explore the Island in our handmade electric cars

The west coast of Mallorca is one of the most beautifull areas on the island. The mountains, called Tramuntana, have spectacular views down to the Mediterian Sea, small towns with typical stone houses, and wonderfull nature. Come to explore this world heritage in an handmade Loryc Electric.

Come and see our manufactury where we are bulding the Loryc Electric compleatly by hand. After a short „look arround“ we will drive to Port Andratx, a famous, lovely Mediterranean port. From there we will beginn our way trough the mountains. This road is perfect for having a lot of fun in your Loryc. It is wide, little trafic, and has hundreds of nice curves. In Esporles, a typical Mallorca village, we can take a break. Before we start the second part of our tour, you have the chance to switch seats. Many hundred year old olive trees, colourful flowers, and tall pine trees make our way home unforgettable.

The Loryc Electric Story

1920 - today

Loryc, the one and only car company in Mallorca, was founded 1920. In the 20ties the Loryc Racing Team became famous in Hill Climb Racing. In 2014 The German inventor Charly Bosch brought the brand back to life. While all the big car companies were sure, that cars with electric motors will not make it to the future, Charly decided to develop an 100% Electric Car. The Loryc Electric Speedster was born. A car with newest technology, in the style of the famous Loryc Race Cars from 1920. Each vehicle is built completely by hand in over 1.200 hours on the Island Mallorca. Six of these unique Electric Cars can be booked for Electric Driving Adventures.

The new Loryc Electric

The handmade Racing Machine - 100% electric.

TV Reports

Exciting reports about our electric racing cars on TV