The Loryc Electric Speedster

A crazy, electric toy for the street.


No ABS, no break booster, no power assistant. Real driving power lives from „omission“. The Loryc Electric still lacks a lot: No doors, no roof, no radio… but you have your sofa at home.


Only one thing counts on the serpentine streets of Mallorca: Torque! Get quick back into gear after the turns, that is really fun with the water-cooled electric machine.

zero emission

The Loryc Electric RS is the perfect toy to enjoy driving while respecting nature. No noises distracts from the dynamics of driving , and no emissions remain.


The Loryc Electric is created in 1000 hours of loving handwork here on Mallorca. The car is mostly made of aluminium, such a work of art can certainly become 100 years old. And if something should happen…You will never exchange a Loryc - you fix it!