Introductory tour

Just try the Loryc Electric out. You will be surprised!

There are 6 Loryc Electrics waiting to drive on the great streets of Mallorca. Come with us on an Introductory Tour!

Experience driving in a different way

The 100% electric motor makes the Loryc Electric the perfect car for driving through the mountains of Mallorca. The power of the motor and the structure of the car makes driving even more fun. 

Let’s go...

Our Introductory Tour runs on beautiful side streets in South-West of the island. Driving past Olive and Almond trees enjoying Mallorcas nature. There is also a fascinating view of the turquoise Blue Mediterranean sea.

Two people - One Team

A Loryc team consists of two people sharing a Loryc. After half of the Tour they can exchange seats so that the previous passenger can now take the steering wheel and start driving.

Time, Price

Only on Mondays. Minimum 4 persons.
This Tour takes about 2 hours. 
Special price per Person: Only € 50,-.