In 1920 our manufactory LORYC was founded in Mallorca.

At that time, when cars were big, heavy and gigantic motorized, Loryc's plan was, to design a smart, lightweight and agile race car.

The plan worked: Just one year later, in 1921, a LORYC racing car took first place at the Vuelta a Cataluña. And Loryc has won a lot of other races.

Each vehicle was made entirely by hand in Mallorca, using high-quality components. The vehicles did have their price, but were legendary for their durability and reliability.

As large automotive factories as Citroen and Ford introduced mass production, People preferred to buy "cheap" instead of "Quality made in Mallorca". LORYC had to stop production.

With the boom of mass tourism, the glorious brand LORYC began to be forgotten on the Island Mallorca.

Today, almost 100 years later, the cars again are big, heavy and gigantic motorized. It is time for an intelligent vehicle...

The new Loryc Electric RS - made by hand on Mallorca, 100% electric, sustainable, emission-free and ultra-light.