Driving Day Tramuntana

Experience the electric power, and enjoy Mallorcas nature from a different perspective.

Come with us on a fantastic road trip together with the Loryc Electric. This trip connects the fun of driving with the beautifull nature of the island.   

We get together in the "smallest car factory of the world"

Our adventure begins in Son Bugadelles in Calvia / Santa Ponca, where we built our Loryc Electric. The making takes over 1.000 hours of loving work by hand. Our manufacture was established in 1920, now there are many exciting stories to tell..

Please take a seat!

Doors? They don't exist. Just step in, take a seat and lets go!

Experience driving in a different way

The 100% electric motor makes the Loryc Electric the perfect car for driving through the mountains of Mallorca. The power of the motor and the structure of the car makes driving even more fun. It is an Experience you won't forget.

The Tramuntana - UNESCO World Natural Heritage

One of the best futures on the island is it's nature. With the Loryc it is possible to have fun and respect the beautiful nature at the same time.

Rest and Driver change

After half of the journey we stop at a café. It is the perfect opportunity to change between driver and passenger. The passenger can now feel the wooden steering wheel in their hands and start driving.